sneak peak: the gigantor-tron

Here’s an early first look at a short project that will see print later in the year.  It’s a 4-page backup story for Joe Keatinge’s series, Hell Yeah!, published by Image comics.  It will be in full color, provided by Catherine Peach, the greatest colorist on planet Earth.  The publication date is still a ways away so expect a few more preview panels between now and then, in color next time!


Something to do with Bears

Ok, no fooling, I’m gonna start blogging again.  Here’s a mini preview of my next comics project, which will be appearing on trip city in april.

pbpreview21Lots of stuff hasn’t been posted about since I haven’t been blogging so I’ll be playing catch-ups.  Lots more blogs soon!

BOOM! preview

boomperview1i have a new project that’s going to be published online in the next few weeks and i thought i’d sneak peak you some images.  the project is in collaboration with writer david axe and it will be running on cartoon movement, a really great website that features comics journalism projects from all over the world, including work by really great artists like sarah glidden and matt bors.  david and i are running a story called boom!  about david’s experience getting blown up by an ied explosive while reporting in afghanistan.

boompreview2david and i are also trying to raise funding for another upcoming project about alvin greene, a democratic senatorial candidate from a few years back who was quite the spectacle.  you can learn a lot more about it here.


after work me and my favorite guy at work jay went to wimpys to have some whiskey and a wimpys burger but then the kitchen was closed and i was like, “god dammit!” because i was really hungry but then i got a sandwich from somewhere and then i went home and took a shower and its awful late and id better go to sleep but first i drew this: a self portrait for practice an d i thought id put it on here becaus ei guess id better keep posting in here if i want people to look at this thing