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To Teach media blah blah blah

Sunday, August 15th, 2010


I know that you are all like, “enough already with the to teach stuff” but i am learning about the rules of the internet and self-promotion and stuff and im pretty sure that one of the main ones is that you have to make all these pieces of information and media formats point to each other all the time.  with that in mind, here is a collection of interviews and reviews and stuff:


me and bill on inkstuds, a really good comics interview podcast.

me and bill on portlands kboo public radio show, words and pictures.

we were on indie spinner racks mocca festival episode, along with our amazing editor, meg lemke.

Interviews and Articles:

me and bill interviewed in smithmag.

bill’s daily crosshatch interview part 1. part 2. part 3. part 4.

my daily crosshatch interview.

bill’s graphic novel reporter interview.

and i did one with them, too!

bill interviewed by real change news.

an article that ran in time out chicago.

a scene was used as an example on a blog called “stuff white people do”


heres one from boing boing.

and here is one from the huffington post.

heres a lousy one we got on bookslut.  dang!

heres one from a  blog called syndicate product covert hq.

and a really nice one from a  blog called the long and shortbox of it.

im sure i left some stuff out by accident… ill be sure to update if i did.  anyway, since i kind of think its a rip-off to just post a bunch of promotional materials, heres kind of a fun thing that didnt make it into the final version of to teach.  we were coming up with ideas for the frontispiece and backispiece and i thought it might be fun to show some comics that were supposed to have been made by the kids in the book.   the results were pretty weird, which is why youll only ever see them here:



mr. ryan, where have you been?

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

oh!  i have not blogged in forever!  sincerest apologies!  i was working on something unbloggable (knock on wood for that one) and teaching a comics class to 11 year olds.  my kids call me mr. ryan because there’s no way im gonna make them call me mr. alexander-tanner and they dont know how to process just calling me ryan.  one thing thats funny about teaching kids is when they make something thats inappropriate and you have to scold them and then you take it home and laugh your ass off.  heres a good example:


now that class is over i will be a better blogger.  see you soon!


mr. ryan